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Welcome to PRUUF.VIDEO! We’ve created this app to be as quick and easy as possible to use. At the same time we have included a number of very advanced features and functionality.

  • Tap anywhere in the center of the screen to start and stop your video recording.
  • While not moving, the built in level message will guarantee your phone is mounted straight for all sensors to function to their best ability.
  • Auto focus mode works best when holding the phone in your hand and aiming the camera to other cars or objects around you.
  • Fixed focus mode is ideal for mounting your phone on your front windshield and recording fast moving video day or night without worrying about your phone trying to autofocus on fast moving objects.
  • Pairing your phone with a Dual 150/160 external GPS unit will automatically detect and show you how many satellites are being used in your speed and distance calculations. No other setup is necessary.
  • Toggling overlay and features on or off will automatically be saved for next use. Simply setup the overlays, titles, or auto save functions and next time you start/stop a video everything will be saved the way you want.
  • Custom logo feature in PRO allows you to replace our PRUUF.VIDEO logo with your own image from your camera roll. Promote your sponsors or company by going PRO!
  • You can save multiple copies of your video to your camera roll with different overlay settings. All sensors in your phone record information on every recording so there is no need to preset the overlays before taking video. PRUUF is always ready to pull out and record instantly within seconds!
  • Videos are saved in HD at 30fps for fast uploads to social networks. Simply share from your camera roll or your favorite social network.
  • If your phone has built in image stabilization, it will be activated automatically on start.



  1. Mount your phone on the center windshield as far forward as possible. You want a clear view of the sky.
  2. Adjust phone mount until LEVEL PHONE changes to START. This is needed for accurate sensor data.
  3. Tap the GPS signal icons to open the live map view. Wait until your GPS signal is all green, then wait for the location dot to home in on your estimated location in the street. The longer you wait, the more accurate your location will be for your start point. The start position is the most important of all, as all time and distance measurements start from that point.
  4. Make sure you’re at a complete stop (ZERO SPEED). Touch TAP TO START or anywhere in center of screen to start the video recording and data collection.
  5. Launch at anytime. You will see the 0-60 and other overlay items turn GREEN when the phone has detected an acceleration launch. Continue until you have completed your run.
  6. Tap anywhere on the screen to STOP the recording.
  7. Select overlay toggles you want visible, then tap SAVE to have your video processed and saved to your camera roll!


PRO offers all overlay and custom logo features for only $9.99! The only comparable setup to do performance data overlay on video is a professional GPS data logger and video recording system for more than $2,600! We have designed and tested PRUUF to be as accurate as possible using just the built in hardware. But if you require higher speed GPS updates you can use the Dual 150 or Dual 160 external GPS units. PRUUF is fully approved to work with these two devices.

Because PRUUF can record data over video for fast moving applications, we have tested our app next to professional devices in the same vehicles at the same time. As long as your phone is mounted to your front windshield and has a clear view of the sky above, you will get all GREEN GPS signal at the top center of the display. You will have the best most accurate results when your GPS signal is in the green and when your phone is mounted securely to the front windshield.

Your built in phone GPS sends location and speed updates once per second. External units send at 5 to 10 times per second for more accurate data. The frequency of updates however in straight line applications are not an issue since we use interpolation to get accurate times within a tenth or two tenths of a second. PRUUF records sensor data 100 times a second and uses advanced techniques to get accurate times and distance estimates even with the built in GPS hardware!

GPS is constantly trying to get the most accurate reading, but sometimes you’ll get some inaccurate data (buildings, landscape, aliens) and everything else calculated from that will be off. Just do a few runs and use the best ones to share with friends! Soon you’ll be able to submit your runs to our website and we will average your performance so you can compare with friends or other people around the world!

HYPE! Now get out there and show us your PRUUF!